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All alumni are automatically, and at no cost, members of a new Rutgers University Alumni Association. The Cook Alumni Association also agreed to stop collecting annual dues in order to allow all alumni to have the same standing within the university. For example, all alumni will now receive the Rutgers Magazine at no cost. Other university-wide benefits will be determined.

Although Rutgers University will pick up the cost for many benefits currently provided previosuly to dues paying alumni association members, please keep in mind that dues paid to the Cook Alumni Association also provided support on the Cook campus. Dues fees helped with Ag Field Day, programs at the Rutgers Gardens, student scholarships and awards, the Cook History Project, the Retired Faculty Luncheon , alumni awards and honors, and provided grants to student groups. The new Rutgers University Alumni Association will not provide financial support to these traditional and valued programs.

The Cook Alumni Association is examining which programs it can continue to fund, and at what level, with its investment icome. Comments and suggestions are welcome.