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*** Now Available ***Antler Stew - A.K.A. the Roger Locandro Cookbook

Do it Doc's way!
Now available in both color and black & white formats on-line at   This is more than a cookbook, it is a recipe for life!!  Contains many recipes from Interesting and Edible Plants and Meats courses.

The first edition is finished on on sale now at Did you miss out on submitting a recipe, a "Roger story" or a photo? Antler Stew will be updated from time to time as new material is collected. See the information below or email

If some of your best memories of Cook or C.A.E.S. included a knife and a fork, this project is for you. Many of us learned where our food comes from, and how to cook it, from Prof. Roger Locandro.

The Alumni Association wants:

  • Your final exam (recipes) for Interesting and Edible Plants Interesting and Edible Meats, or another Locandro food course.
  • Digital photos of Roger Locandro, preferably interesting but not edible. (Please scan and send the older photos with the highest resolution possible) Include a 25 word, or less, caption.
  • Stories about Roger Locandro are also welcome. We know these will be interesting – but keep them to about 200 words each.

All submissions will need a release form. The editorial board will make the final determination of what is included in the cookbook.