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Endowed Merit Scholarship


The Cook Community Alumni Association is proud to announce that we have endowed a merit scholarship for the benefit of an incoming School of Environmental and Biological Science freshman, and to help that student along in their studies at the School of Environmental and Biological Science.

We know there have been many changes at Rutgers, both at the undergraduate and alumni level. However, we are the same Association that has always been around for CAES, Cook College, and now the School of Environmental and Biological Science Alumni. To stay true to our roots, mission, and our vital responsibility as alumni and an alumni association to support the students and the school, your board took steps to establish a new and vibrant scholarship program. No matter what the name of the school is or will become, one thing remains the same, the Cook Community is a family made up of students, parents, faculty and alumni that have the goal of supporting and nurturing the community. This scholarship is our part in helping create a better community, by providing scholarships to those excellent scholars who should be and want to be part of the history and future of this great community and school.

We’ve just begun the tradition...we need your help to continue and grow that tradition. Please give what you can. Every little bit helps us reach our scholarship goal. Please make a donation today (see the link below) to help the future graduates of our College Family!"

David J. Singer, Esq.

President - Cook Community Alumni Association


Endowed Merit Scholarship Donation
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