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May 20, 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


To the SEBS Class of 2021,




On behalf of the Cook Community Alumni Association I welcome you to the next major experience of your life as a graduate of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and SEBS. Your college career may have ended bittersweet, with a return to normalcy on the horizon but not being able to completely celebrate this accomplishment how you might have liked, and all the added stress, uncertainty, and losses of the past year. I would like to take a moment and recognize all that you have endured and overcome, remember those we may have lost, and turn a hopeful eye to the future.

Throughout this time, Rutgers has worked to help keep our communities safe and thriving. From agriculture to public health, ecology to virology, our alumni have found ways to help throughout the pandemic. Many of you also rose to the occasion by providing mutual aid, finding ways to help make connections while learning virtually, and volunteering and working in the many different areas of public health and medicine. As you leave SEBS to continue your professional and personal lives, know the alumni association is here to help you as you find your way.

Rutgers and SEBS have a great tradition of helping students succeed through our faculty, student organizations, and many extra-curricular activities. It is the members of those organizations that help the School to thrive. For some, the transition away from these activities is rough. Know that as an alumnus, you are welcome to a host of alumni benefits. You can continue to have fun with friends at events, give back with community service, and be a part of something greater – the Young Alumni of SEBS and Rutgers University. We welcome you and hope you will be an active member of our group!

Don’t be a stranger!   The Cook Community Alumni Association is holding its next meeting virtually on June 15th, where we will also be electing new executive board members. These meetings will keep you informed about our activities and how you can participate. Keep an eye out for our monthly emails and follow us on social media to keep up to date with our events and information. We also partner with alumni organizations throughout Rutgers University, as well as alumni and student organizations from various majors for networking and support. Whatever your interest, we can help you find your alumni fit. We would love to have you as an active member, as your time permits.


Where you can find us:




Amanda Dougherty, Ed.M. President;  Class of 2007



All Alumni meetings will now be online until further notice.  See posted emails for any updates.

We look forward to your attendance and participation in growing the success of the Cook Community Alumni Association and it's numerous programs.

If you know of Alumni that may be interested in participating in any Alumni events, please have them update ​their information at:

Alumni Info Update Link

Thank you,
Cook Community Alumni Association

 Important Alumni Happenings


!!Upcoming election nominations of new Executive Board Members!!

For President - Amanda Dougherty
For Treasurer - Marc Kollar
For Secretary - Ted Wendin
For Member at Large - Joe Martucci


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Support Our Endowed Merit Scholarship

The Cook Community Alumni Association is proud to announce that we have endowed a merit scholarship for the benefit of incoming School of Environmental and Biological Science freshmen, and to help that student along in their studies at SEBS  
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Do you know an award-worthy graduate?

Information about the George H. Cook Distinguished Alumni Award, Dennis M. Fenton Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award, Rutgers University Hall of Distinguished Alumni Award, Honorary Degrees and Commencement Speakers nomination process is now available. Some honors are college-specific and some are open to any Rutgers graduate.

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