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By Penny Carlson winter




The 2023 CCAA Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony was held on Sunday, April 30th,2023.

Read the program brochure here!



Read about past George Hammill Cook & Dennis Fenton Awards and view the former winners

Important Alumni Happenings



Cook Community Alumni
Calendar of Events

Next CCAA meeting on Jan 23rd, 2024 - Martin Hall 3rd floor conference room (ZOOM available); 6:30PM

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  Upcoming Alumni Association
Executive Board Meetings

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From Amanda Dougherty        
President CCAA;  Class of 2007:

All Alumni are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.  Please get involved & stay in touch with your school and fellow alumni!  Give back to sustain our future!



Support Our Endowed Merit Scholarship

The Cook Community Alumni Association is proud to announce that we have endowed a merit scholarship for the benefit of incoming School of Environmental and Biological Science freshmen, and to help that student along in their studies at SEBS  
Read about it and donate here

Do you know an award-worthy graduate?

Information about the George H. Cook Distinguished Alumni Award, Dennis M. Fenton Distinguished Graduate Alumni Award, Rutgers University Hall of Distinguished Alumni Award, Honorary Degrees and Commencement Speakers nomination process is now available. Some honors are college-specific and some are open to any Rutgers graduate.

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Read about the George Hammill Cook & Dennis Fenton Awards and view the former winners

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